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This Anniversary Party is a Total Downer

Chernobyl. For those familiar with the event, the word alone evokes a wince, a grimace, a slow shake of the head. The horror of the 1986 nuclear disaster in the Ukraine will (hopefully) forever be remembered as “by far the … Continue reading

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Seriously, Just Get A Water Filter Already

While one, two, or three dollars seems a reasonable price to pay for to quench your thirst, when purchasing a bottle of water, you are paying about 1,900 times more for the water within it than you would otherwise pay … Continue reading

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Anybody Know Any Good Deforestation Jokes?

Sigh. Me neither. I guess that means I’m going to have to get real with you guys and gals. Get ready, because I’m about to drop some serious knowledge. Deforestation, a primary concern for environmental activists at the global scale, … Continue reading

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Let’s All Get an Apartment Together in Chicago

While the scientific community and those who place their faith in it are still struggling to convince naysayers of its existence, global climate change has already begun to wreak havoc on human settlements in various parts of the world. The … Continue reading

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The World has 1Heart Beat, and many Souls

The world is a flowing organism, comprised of rivers land and air, these resources flow freely throughout the earth and beyond the ever changing borders of Man.  In this way water, air and Land are the first transnational products in … Continue reading

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If You Piss Greenpeace Off, They Will Chain Themselves To Your Radiator.

“Greenpeace is the largest independent direct-action environmental organization in the world.” It is likely that you have heard of Greenpeace. It is possible that your image of Greenpeace consists of crazy, arrested-getting, granola-eating protesters. You probably think they have B.O. … Continue reading

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