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Brave new World

The River, the river, the river is on fire, don’t get the water, just let it burn. Well this isn’t quite the anthem people had in mind on June 22, 1969, when the Cuyahoga River caught on fire but I … Continue reading

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Invaders from Beyond

INVASION!! Yes my friend exotic aliens have invaded our beloved country; and like any paranoid alien lover, they have been amongst us for 100’s of Years. This exotic invader from beyond is none other than the earthworm. Yes damn their … Continue reading

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Rush Limbaugh can choke on Facts and then some.

I’d  have to say I’m not for loud mouth idiots ranting, unless of course it happens to be me.  Attacking women’s rights and independence in this day and age doesn’t seem to be the right move.  Still some people don’t … Continue reading

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A Greener World and Redefined Future.

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In the world of tomorrow many things have been imagined. Aldous Huxley created “A brave New World” of genetically modified humans borne into caste and content to consume. “1984” was a frightening era in George Orwell’s Human history as Big … Continue reading

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