Rush Limbaugh can choke on Facts and then some.

I’d  have to say I’m not for loud mouth idiots ranting, unless of course it happens to be me.  Attacking women’s rights and independence in this day and age doesn’t seem to be the right move.  Still some people don’t get it, a women’s word or actions can destroy a man, Ask Kobe, Tiger Woods Eliot Spitzer. Yes true, true those men were doing something wrong, but when a women scorns, it hurts.

That’s the sting Limbaugh must be feeling right about now, except in this case he did most of his own stinging, not too hard for him. Limbaugh verbally attacked Sandra Fluke for addressing congress on Birth control rights and Obamacare. He called her a “slut” and “prostitute”suggesting that “we”, yes the proverbial we (society) were paying for her to have sex, and he is “surprised she could walk to Capitol Hill”.

Image   As advertisers, 10 so far, pull away I think he is beginning to understand that women’s roles in society transcend the narrow definitions assigned to them by the patriarchal structure Vandana Shiva could serve to enlighten him. Men like Limbaugh tend to think the world revolves around them, they hunt they create therefore they sustain. Men’s ability to hunt has been greatly exaggerated, if early human civilization had depended on that, well I wouldn’t be writing this. Women in many subsistence societies provide 80 % of the food (50); women also serve as gatherers of wood, water, medicines etc.  These women work within nature to survive. There cultural development isn’t due to a lack of understanding, but based on an advanced understanding or “not through fear or ignorance but through cultural insight.”(57) An insight modern man has just now began to understand.

Speaking of medicine women, not men in societies were the healers, they found natural cures that today are being “legitimized” by western medicine or Patriarchy. Women in early and current societies served as planners. They managed the family, village, gathered food, explored, understood and made medicine and by doing so discovered natural means to curb their reproductive health. According to Shiva women in times of need, such as famines or droughts could manage their reproductive abilities as to not burden the society. This manageable growth sounds awfully Familiar to what China, India and even The Us have been struggling to accommodate, especially since the US’s populations is expected to surpass 1 billion by 2100. Yet here is “unsophisticated” and non-westernized society’s women have been doing what modern men cannot for thousands of years.Image

Francis Bacon the father of modern Western science sought to control nature, both of the feminine and organic. He believed he could alter and splice plants, make them bear fruit according to manmade cycles; similarly he believed he could control reproduction in women ( 16)Image. Bacon as Brilliant and ahead of his time as he was still lacked to comprehend what he envisioned was in part already done. Naturally as men encroached upon the fields of medicine they had to legitimize their claims. So they stole the ideas of women, used empirical knowledge to disprove and hundreds of years  later reaffirm their beliefs; branded them witches and excluded them from participating in any recognizable and therefore praised and profitable work. Instead women became invisible, and their work was made to appear less valuable, although any economist will shatter this belief.

In the 21st century women have again risen to reclaim what was stolen from them, and birth control is a means to accomplish this. It allows women, Get this, to Planit’s crazy, but yes to plan on how to use their Bodies. TOO Radical? Play ignorant! Women’s ability to plan, curb and control their bodies would again have a more direct impact on society. Smart, planned growth, the object of every “advanced nation” on earth would be achieved more evenly if women were allowed to participate; and would create new job markets, as they bring different needs, ideas and realities to bear.

As Man’s cities grow crowded, water supplies dry up, ecological disasters increase people began to recognize there has to be a better way. Man has been battling the elements and, forces such as earth quakes, drought, floods, but in India  “merciless deforestation as well as cultivation of profitable pines in place of broad leaf trees was clearly the cause”(69) of many ecological disasters.  So again men in their legitimized patriarchal fashion created the current Organic Green revolution; or a society balanced between man and nature.  They turned to ideas such as respecting nature, using natural and organic components for buildings, medicines etc., and living near wImageater sources and not using resources faster than they could be replenished. Now If someone could tell this Green news to the Women in India and many other villages that run on subsistence to catch up with the times, there practices a thousands of years out of date, or so ancient its advanced.  Perhaps Prakriti or essence and spirit of nature isn’t as mythical as it once seemed. Modern science is now recognizing what tribal persons have been saying for thousands of years “The earth does not belong to man….man did not weave the web of life he is merely a strand in it”(19). What affects the earth affects us, and what we do to the earth comes back to haunt us.

I think Limbaugh could use some of this Knowledge, a women’s right to manage her reproductive health has been with human civilization since its inception. Women nursed men from the cradle of civilization, started the real green revolution, showing men how to plant and grow the seeds that they foraged.  From this ability to grow food, came more permanent settlements, animal herding and much advancement that allowed man to progress to where he is today. Women are a child’s first teacher, she cares for and nurses it and has a greater idea of what’s good for it; in turn these children grow up and shape the future based in part from what they learned from their mothers.


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