A Greener World and Redefined Future.

In the world of tomorrow many things have been imagined. Aldous Huxley created “A brave New World” of genetically modified humans borne into caste and content to consume. “1984” was a frightening era in George Orwell’s Human history as Big Brother and his ministers of Love, Peace and truth crushed man’s spirit under the iron heel. Despite what year or name we call it, many have a distinct and unique way of looking at the future. Whether it takes us to the Outer Limits, or  Twilight Zones,  human endeavor, cleverness and struggle is never too far behind.

It wasn’t long ago that man imagined the year 2000 would be a glorious age of hovering cars, lunar colonies mining cheese and other fancies. Unfortunately the new age is limited to such advances as the smart phone, ipads, the internet , but along with the progresses comes cancers, new forms of disparity, terror, and wars and population explosions. The last is the most frightening with The UN predicting the world’s population reaching 10.1 billion by 2100 .

This inevitably leads to the question can the earth and humans tolerate this many people? To do so would call for changes in lifestyle, water rights, reproductive health, etc. This shock would change the design, location and function of cities globally and the interactions of the people in them. The answers transcend yes and no; they sprawl off to no end like the American suburban dream, a practice that will have to be modified if these new comers are to feel welcome.  Modifications requires new Green ideas, patterns, belief, energies etc. to sweep across the land Like Our Great Green Lantern’s justice. If we don’t change our ways we will end up buried in trash like bill Peets’s “The Wumps”  .

A greener world means looking to and furthering our dependence on renewable or nondepletable resources, new approaches to living, from the way we use water, to how we groom ourselves. A recent NYT article highlights the advances made in energies such as ethanol in “New Enzymes could cut cost of Ethanol made from Waste” and how new scientific approaches are making it more productive and beneficial. By using enzymes scientist have been able to utilize and create ethanol from cheaper and more common ingredients, this means cheaper fuel from a more diverse range of plants, and plant waste. This new approach to fuel would bring the US and other nations globally from import nations to self-sustaining ones, in fact these advances could help local economies thrive as they would divert money from Big Oil and give support to local farmers and developers looking to invest in the region. This is both environmentally friendly and good for the economy’ and if history has taught us anything, it’s when the economy is in the tank, people could care less about the environment.  Ronald Reagan knew this when he ran for president opening up new frontiers for Business. He allowed his trickledown economics or Regeannomics to dictate the ebb and flow of the nation, despite its cost to the environment through harsh drilling, lumber, and mining practices. The Wumps wouldn’t care much for Reagan despite his Hollywood appeal, however they would care for Re purposing old and worn clothes for the benefit of the homeless and the environment.

Many Americans and New Yorkers throw away perfectly good clothes , but a new trend has emerged, one in which the kind souls donate their clothes to HIV positive homeless persons, therefore reducing the landfill waste and burden to these people.”Textile Recycling Is Thriving in New York” helps the Homeless look fashionable as they do what they do. The benefits don’t end there, the clothes can be recycled and reused again, the cloth and linens are repurposed and the trash is made into a new and usable fashion.  So next time you hear about models wearing trash, meat or whatever bizarre article they find fashionable that week, think there might be more to that dress than meets the eye.

Not fashionable enough? Well then I don’t care to look in your wardrobe,  But if reusing , repurposing and redefining what trash, energy and fashion are  excites you then so will Mexico, and other cities as they harvest the methane from their landfills for energy consumption. Yes it stinks, I know, but “For Mexico City, a Repurposed Landfill”  is just what’s needed to make the air cleaner, safer in more ways than one. Did you Know Methane is a greenhouse gas? And that its 20 x more potent than Carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas? Well if you did you can stop here, but for the rest of us who clearly forgot let me refresh your memory.  Methane is effective at trapping energy, and heat, it is also effective as a fuel for engines, power plants, and anything that may require a healthy dose of dependable energy. Mexico and many other nations’ worldwide have recognized this, and they are making the move to trap the gas through all sorts of measures, they do this to keep our atmosphere and bodies safe, and the added bonus to line their pockets with green. Which is better I dare not say, but lets make the move to Green  Today.

If you’re still not satisfied, I know my Wumps are, I’m afraid the Green way isn’t for you. The  Pollutions, the invaders of their once green world may be more to your liking, they come with a fury, pave over everything, use  and exhaust resources and upon its depletion they leave trash heaps, windy roads to nowhere and all that they don’t care for anymore.  I prefer to think of that as the old way we do business, so for those of us who like green, yellows and pretty colors the Brave Green world awaits us out there. While she doesn’t mind most colors, she doesn’t want our landscape dead and dotted in shades of ooze green and deathly grey. A green world is possible and it starts with changes we make today.

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